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Origami Yoda

Talk to Tom questions and Rick Flag

SuperFolder Bruce110

Here’s a question from one of my younger brothers. “Are you ever going to make a second Guide to Folding and Doodling, since there’s so many new characters to fold?”

I have three questions. 1st: How can we, as Superfolders, send you a letter in the mail?
2nd: Can you put a link to Superfoldercentral.com on here? We, the writers on there, would love for more people to send their stories our way, especially awesome SFs like purpleyoda!

And 3rd: Can we do Superfolder Con 2022 next year? Cause I think I speak for everyone here when I say it was STOOKTACULAR!

And as a side note, I also made Rick Flag for the cover of SfCentral’s upcoming story, The Shredder Squad!

Just Keep Folding, and May the Folds be with you!