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SuperFolder JC Returns OY EU Update

SuperFolder JC

Hey guys! I’m back!

So, I have a BIG OY EU update!

For anyone unfamiliar with the OY EU, or any new SuperFolders………..

The Origami Yoda Expanded Universe—OY EU—was created by me and The Evil Jawa a couple years ago. It’s where SuperFolders write their own case files and stories about the McQuarrie crew! We’ve had over 100 stories, and a variety of new characters! From Jacob, to Vernon, to Ruth, to Isabel! And origami characters galore! Emperor Papertine, Sefolda, General Creaseous, and more!

But, recently, there have been SO MANY stories, and so many of them have been backed-up! We need a new way of doing things. So, we came up with a plan.

We are going to revamp the OY EU!

(All the “classic” stories are hopefully going to be stored in one area on the site…………….)

Me, The Evil Jawa, and DarthNoah will be running the OY EU from now on, unless something changes in the meanwhile.

So, here’s the new operating system.

YOU write a story idea.

YOU fold the cover star.

YOU make the origami instructions.

YOU can even write a story outline or bulletpoints!

WE take your cover star and put it on our digital Origami Yoda cover template.

WE take your idea, and turn it into a full-length story or chapter!

WE add doodles, page numbers, and turn it into a .pdf downloadable file, straight on the website’s main page!

YOU get to read your idea come to life!

YOUR story goes into our brand-new, official continuity! The characters you already know and love will return…………and be reintroduced to a new generation of SuperFolders!

YOU get all sorts of credit!

YOU could win exclusive contests!

TOGETHER, The Origami Yoda Expanded Universe will become even STOOKIER than ever before!

The relaunch begins on November 1st, with our first official story: ORIGAMI YODA AND THE BOUNTY HUNTERS!!!!!! Based on ideas from a boatload of SFs!!!!! And a special top-secret cover star!