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Origami Yoda


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Helo peoples,

I ain’t posted in awhile, And I’m sorry about that but life’s been REALLY busy.

But I’m back now,So….umm….lets go!

So,good news, I found the Mandalorian I folded from Stingrays instrux! Last night I watched The End Time Part 1 and Part 2 in which David Tennant’s doctor regerates (changes his face and body) Into Matt smith’s doctor.So, I decided to make my last origami 10th doctor.

Also,ROCKET RACCOON! He’s wearing his purple hoodie from ‘Rocket and Groot:Stranded on planet strip mall’.

There is also my Kanan jarrus,using my own instructions.

Welp,that’s it! Allons-y! (That’s French for ‘let’s go’)

I included my David Tennant funko-pop and a funny Doctor Who meme.