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Star Wars Questionnaire and Mando Army

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GreyJedi91’s Star Wars Questionnaire. “On April 4th 2011, GreyJedi91 released a video where he answered 16 Star Wars related questions from one of his subscribers in the form of a questionnaire. The following year April 9th 2012 Jensaarai1 did his own video on these questions with the added intention of getting a meme going, and sure enough, many people on YouTube since have posted their own personal answers to these particular questions. Now I myself wasn’t really making videos at the time, and really didn’t have a solid basis for my video making either, so I kinda let the meme pass over me, but interestingly enough, many of you guys have been asking me to give my answers for this questionnaire and as a little celebration for hitting over ten thousand subscribers, I thought that I would do something personal. So without further ado, I bring you my answers to the Star Wars Questionnaire.” -EvanNova95. Feb 22, 2014. Answers to a Star Wars Questionnaire. YouTube.
I am Mandomaker. I was subscribed to EvanNova95 when his answers to the Questionnaire showed up on YouTube. I knew that I needed to make one of my own. Granted, it took me a while to actually make it. Around the same time that EvanNova95’s answers to the Questionnaire came out, I found a website based on some of my favorite books and i was immediately hooked. on this website I could show people what I had done, look at what other people have done and talk about the books and anything else. That inspired me to create some of my best pieces of work and also let me make new friends. That website was https://origamiyoda.com.
I am hoping to create an official Mando Army. A small group of Super Folders that are huge fans of mandalorians. With Toms permission, we could conduct geek debates, fold mando origami and have fun.

Some people have answered the Star Wars Questionnaire. However I see a repeating pattern. Those who have answered the Questionnaire seem to only answer with one liners.

Jedi or Sith: Jedi.

This doesn’t let anyone learn about you or how you think. It also isn’t very interesting to read. It takes more dedication but it’s more fun and rewarding to answer with explanations.

Jedi or Sith: The Jedi are far closer to my heart than sith. I believe that if I saw an injured animal, I would be far more likely to nourish it back to health than to put it out of its misery. I also have a respect for the force. It is a friend, not a tool. I am slightly hyperactive, so a Jedi like discipline might may be hard for me to practice, but I don’t think that would harm my standing in the order.

It was a bit more of a read, but it was more interesting than one word. In the example i created a person in my mind that was compassionate, kind and knowledgeable, however this hypothetical person was happy and always active. I am willing to bet that as you read the example, you liked the person who explained his choice more than the person who answered the question with one word. this is not because the person who answered with one word was a worse person than the one who explained himself. The reason you like him more was because you had more reason to like him. The Star Wars Questionnaire is not for everybody. It is for those who love Star Wars enough to take an hour each day and spend it writing your answers until the Questionnaire is complete. I am not pointing fingers, and since I am homeschooled, I have more time than most.
If you are interested in answering the Star Wars Questionnaire, here are the sixteen questions. Enjoy.
1 Jedi or Sith:

2 Favorite planets:

3 Lightsaber type, colour and fighting style:

4 Favorite species:

5 Favorite vehicle:

6 If you were a Jedi which master would you want?:

7 If you were a sith which master would you want?:

8 If you were a sith what would your “Darth” name be?:

9 Favorite film:

10 Least favorite film:

11 If you could write your own Star Wars novel what would it be about?:

12 Which film has your favorite soundtrack?:

13 Do you collect figures?:

14 In your opinion what is the best thing about the expanded universe?:

15 In your opinion what is the worst thing about the expanded universe?:

16 What does Star Wars mean to you?:
If you make an answering submission title it “insert name here’s Star Wars Questionnaire” so that anyone who types that into the search box can find it easily.