Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Star Wars Disney Chapter 4

SuperFolder Ghostbuster

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

The Disney Sith Villain Lords are still ruling the world, and all seems hopeless. And one of the most hopeless is Pride Rock. Buzz Lightyear is being held prisoner by Darth Scar. Little did Buzz Lightyear know that he was being held captive along with the only lion who could beat the lion sith lord.
Young Simba also attempted to best Darth Scar in an all out battle. Simba matched Darth Scar’s lightsaber techniques, but failed to best him in force abilities. Buzz realized that if he and Simba were to battle Darth Scar together, then they would win the fight.
Both concentrating of the light side of the force, they reached out for their lightsabers. Unknowing of the danger that awaits them, Simba activated his emerald-green blade and set both Buzz and himself free. Darth Scar wittingly saw it coming, so the sith lord charged at the 2 heroes.
Darth Scar mustered all of the dark side of the force that he could muster and blasted Simba, although Simba blocked it. Buzz Lightyear saw this as the right time to strike, so he did. As soon as Darth Scar saw what happened, Buzz and Simba secretly traded places from Darth Scar’s first strike.
So when Darth Scar was finally beaten by the space ranger and the lion, the two decided to check on the other sith lords and see how they could beat the rest of the disney villian sith lords.

To Be Continued…