Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

SOS 2023 9 and 10

SuperFolder MaraOmega

Hello everyone!
i was previously at camp, so when i came back i decided to get folding!
For challenge ten, i made the origami Gandalf designed by FortuneWookie2255. Very clear instructions, and not too complicated! It was also fun to decorate:)
For challenge 9 i decided not to do origami for a change.
I will be showing you how to make something called ‘a derp’.
Some of you might know the term derp from the internet. I know it as a face like this: •–• two eyes, mouth in the middle.
For these instructions, you will need: a toilet paper roll (the long kind works too), something that could work as hair ( yarn, clay, cottonballs, leaves…) and scissors.
You also need something to write with.

Picture one is what we’re making.
Picture two is Gandalf
Picture three is the 111 other derps i have ( it’s kind of an obsession:)
Picture four are the instructions.
Picture five is one with two heads

For the instrux, once you have done steps one through three you can get creative. As you can see with the example derp, the eyes are on opposite sides of the mouth.
For the rest, do what you want!
Add hair, use glue or tape or anything else you can find!
You can make the derp look however you want. I even have one with two heads! If you like, you can name it, mine all have names 🙂
I hope you enjoy making a derp,
Also, Tom, the challenges were all interesting, i enjoyed making them!
If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
Maraomega out!