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Song post lean on ring

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This song is all about the hobbit and lord of the rings books fizzpop if you will read them stooky if you already have!

Sometimes with the ring
It gives us hate
It gives us greed

but if Bilbo was wise
there would be a tomorrow

Don’t lean on him
although the ring is strong
it is not the best friend
it might help you carry on

don’t keep it on to long
For it won’t be long
before you betray them don’t Len on it

it will give you to much pride
you might want sting to borrow

though it might fill
the things you want that you won’t show

You will have brothers to lend a hand
just don’t lean on it

it will give you a problem that you won’t understand
just don’t lean on it

don’t lean on it
because it is to strong
dwarfs can be your friend
and wizards will help you carry on

for it won’t be long
before you need a elf to lean on

just call them a brother
when you need a hand
they all need someone to lean on

but the ring will give problems that you won’t understand
they all need someone to lean on

if there is a mountain you need to climb
and your a hobbit then ask someone to carry you

you’ll get right up the road
with the guy carrying you with a load
you can just tell him

you are my friend
tell him (tell him)
if you need a friend
tell him
if you ever need a friend

(Sing that last paroughraph twice.)

The picture shows all my versions of Ahsoka Tapo