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Should Indiana Jones be the Newest Origami Yoda Series

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So, should the newest Origami Yoda series be about our infamous archaeologist built out of paper? Since it is made by the same creator who built Star Wars. Well, I’ll give you the pros and cons.


We get to see our favorite archaeologist as an character built by Dwight. Should Sara have Jones? I think the Templar Knight more likely fits Dwight. Since he is very wise.

More stooky origami characters we can fold!

We get to see our favorite characters from the Origami Yoda series! But without Origami Yoda. But at least they can mention their Star Wars origami puppets.

There’s a new Indiana Jones movie coming, so we can celebrate it with a new series!


No more Star Wars. But, at least they can be cameos, still be used, and being mentioned. For example, “Ah, the fun we used to have with Origami Yoda…” but still, it might bring tears to the readers.

Some of the enemies Indiana Jones have are inappropriate for younger readers… Harvey will have Belloq though. Since Belloq is a lot more appropriate for a villain.

Some of the deaths in Indiana Jones, are scary, gruesome, and might even give you nightmares. Imagine if poor Kellen had to doodle that face melting scene. Again, these kind of deaths are too scary for younger readers, well, except for that alien one in the fourth movie…

So, what do you think? “stooky” if you think it might be a good idea, or “instructions please” if you think it’s a bad idea. Remember. There is no right or wrong answer.