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Hey guys! So, some of you may know me as SF_Harald. But, now I have some cool news I finally decided to show to you guys! Waaaaayyy back in 2011, I decided to start up a YouTube Channel…… My videos that I made were of those little stuffed animal thingys called Webkinz…… I was OBSESSED with them. I watched YouTubers like StarryStarr33 and YellowLab8078, and I decided I wanted to be like them, and make Webkinz videos, so I started up a Channel called Kinzdude1! Yup, that’s me! So, as my videos kept on flowing into my channel, I kinda grew out of Webkinz, but was still very much into YouTube. As a result, I began adding Pokémon themed videos to my channel! I now am currently making Pokémon videos, whether it be a WiFi Battle, Shiny Encounter, or an LP, I’ve probably made it! I still will be uploading Webkinz videos, you know, just as a tribute to my older subscribers who liked my Webkinz videos, but It will mainly be Pokémon! So, if you like my origami, Pokémon, or even Webkinz, come on by and check out my channel, it would mean a lot! I’m trying to get 200 subs by the end of 2014! Here’s a direct link to my Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/kinzdude1

Please take a look at what I have to offer and maybe leave a comment if you want. Thanks so much guys for reading this, M.T.F.B.W.Y, and this is Kinzdude1 signing out! PEACE!