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Origami Yoda

RETURN OF THE SITE Stookiness Showcase! Jan 20, 2021!

SFs! We are so excited to be back online, but we are also back to being BEHIND on Stookiness postings. 48 posts behind to be precise. So strap in, scroll down and hang on as we start catching up!


This is the new mandalorian I made and thanks to season 2 I was able to make him without a helmet! But as always I can’t make the man do without baby yoda (grogu)! He also has his disintegrator gun (you can only see the top of it) I got a ps4 for Christmas and battlefront 2 as well! And we just moved into a new house! So the backgrounds will probably look different. So just wanted to warn you about that. Check in next time to see more origami!

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my first post so hi

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As requested Tom says: YES!!!!

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Follow the directions to make an origami character base You’ll need a piece of origami paper piece and something to draw with

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i made amy, lance, Jen, dwight, remi, mike, sara, murky, quavondo, james, harvy, Kellen and last tommy.

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Hey guys, I just wanted to mention how much my origami skills have improved. the grant terrible picture was my previous Gar Saxon, and the nice detailed one is my updated Gar.

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Hey, if you guys haven’t seen nick the jedis posts, they are amazing. I looked at his new Boba Fett for help with this one

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instrux for clone and my captain rex for the fold01 legion and art troopers enjoy jessie echo and others.

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It’s really been a while since I’ve posted, so I decided to make these Ahsokas(with instrux) out of a new base. Also, I wanted to do an about me section like ewok_origami77 Favorite Star Wars movie: Return of the Jedi Least favorite SW movie: Rogue One Favorite SW character: TIE: Ahsoka and Obi-Wan Favorite SW book: Jabba the Puppet (Star Wars: Year by Year a Visual History is also very good) Favorite second franchise: Marvel Favorite superhero: Scarlet Witch or Black Widow Favorite supervillain: Loki Favorite Marvel movies: Thor: Ragnarok, Ant-man and the Wasp, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, and Civil War Favorite day of the week: Wednesday Lucky number: 9 (nine SW episodes!) Best/Worst school subject: Geometry, Orchestra Currently favorite song: Come and Get Your Love (thank you, Star-Lord) Have a nice day!

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I created this two days ago! my whole family loved it and I descided that I would show it to all my superfolder friends! I’ll add more folds to this account as time progresses. Maay the folds be with you!

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Here is my latest piece of origami Darth Maul! And I refolded Captain America as well. Have you seen SF Stingray’s padmes’!!!!!They are STOOKY!!! I can’t wait for instrux!

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… wow mega stooky!

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Yes! I made a General Grievous with no cuts! I had to use 2 papers though… I might post instrux if I can draw them. 🤣

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Here are some instructions to make an easy lightsaber. You will need a piece of origami paper, a gray marker (crayon, pencil, ect.), And a black pen (marker, crayon, pencil, ect.)

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These are my designs for Mando and grogu. They are each different pieces of paper and the child is a post-it note but still stooky. I know mando is fat but he still works as a puppet.

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give me 5 stookys and I will do greedo or i will try