Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Return of the Jedi showcase awesome book idea

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Wait! Before you hit the back arrow saying…uunnngggg so…much….reading(I know how u feel) give this a chance. First I want to say the origami boba for the showcase…I can’t take all the credit, I figured it out but looked at a superfolders drawing.
Ok now to the good stuff….so I was thinking….all is well at McQuarrie, no more dark side, Yoda and Dwight giving advice. Until arch rival school Washington middle shuts down due to lack of funds forcing them to merge with the McQuarrie students. All seemed to be fine until yoda (well,Dwight) starts talking in yodas scary,screechy something’s gonna happen voice. That’s when tommy and Kelley decide to do some snooping. They finally find a group of kids,mabye 10-20 sitting in the library with finger puppets….and they weren’t yoda,Luke,or obi wan….they were the dark side… Led by boba fett (aka Greg Hutchins).will the dark side bring down the rebellion? However the sad thing is…Dwight thought he could fold cool origami…….

P.S. Tom im reading the quickpik papers!!! So epic great job!!!!