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Red Hood and the outlaws

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Hey everyone Origami_Master53 here and today I am showing you some of my FAVORITE origami! Yes you guessed it from the title it is my Origami Red Hood and the Outlaws! I am going to put the pictures in chronological order With some information about the series below!

1. Red Hood and the outlaws new 52. This is the series that kicked off the RHaTO (Red Hood and the outlaws) story! Lots of people didn’t like it because DC made StarFire look dumb, I have only read rebirth so I can’t say anything about that. The team was Red Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire

2. Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth. This series people liked alot better! The team line up for this was Red Hood, Artemis, and Bizzaro.

3. Red Hood Outlaw. So far this is the last Red Hood comic book set to date. It takes place after Jason Todd (Red Hood) Leaves the outlaws behind and starts going on his own adventures.

My next post is going to be the team of Teen Titans 2003-2011 comics!

(P.S. I decided to include the Red Hood outlaw Jason in with Artemis and Bizzaro. And the first red hood in the picture with Starfire and Arsenal is battle damaged.)