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Origami Yoda

Rebels and One Cool Clone

SuperFolder Bruce110

Hey there, it’s 25/Dragonmasterorigami!
I have two cool pictures with some seriously cool folds in them!
In the first picture, give it up for the complete Rebel crew from Star Wars Rebels!
Zeb, Hera, Ezra’s trainee helmet, and Sabine’s helmet are all original designs! Chopper is just the basic droid model with the dome folded in BTW. A huge shoutout to SF Stegon for his AMAZING Kanan Jarrus instructions, you can find them here! https://origamiyoda.com/submission/kanan-jarrus-instrux/

The second picture has one of my favorite clone troopers, give it up for Fives!

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing these awesome puppets! As always, check out my blog to see more awesome folds! https://25ssuperfolderhangout.wordpress.com/ is my blog, it’s got some cool stuff on there!
Hope you all are having a great day/afternoon/evening, and as always, May the Folds Be With You!