Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

R2 Sandtrooper Ventress and a Mandalorian

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After Finding the origami yoda books in my closet, I decided to come back to this little niche and make some origami.

R2-D2: I’m definitely the most proud of this one. I used the instructions from the Art2 book.

Sandtrooper: Just a regular stormtrooper but I scribbled beige all over it. This one also uses the instructions from the Art2 book

Ventress: yeah, I’m not good with faces. I don’t remember where I got the instructions from, I just found this un-decorated in my cabinet.

Mandalorian: Instead of making boba or jango, I made a Mandalorian found in the Mandalorian battle pack LEGO set. I think this one looks nice too.