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Queen Rhondella Gets Her Revenge On KellenCHPT 1

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[CHPT 1 Outgrown, By Tommy:]

So I really thought we were done with all the case files, but obviously we’re NOT if I’m making this. You know how all of the case files have big questions? Here’s this one; WHY DID HARVEY LEAVE AND WHY DID RHONDELLA BRING ALL OF HER FRIENDS TO SCHOOL!? I know, I know, you probably think I’m over reacting right? WRONG. It is TORCHER with like 7 new girls (mostly all annoying) at McQuarrie Middle School! I don’t know why Rhondella brought all her friends, but it sure did do something to Harvey! We’re not going to have his comments anymore, why you ask? BECAUSE HE LEFT! His mom and dad just took him out one day! We’re all in 8th grade and everything, you would THINK we outgrew all the origami stuff. But everything was just, I don’t know, WRONG! When Harvey left, he DIDN’T say goodbye, he DIDN’T talk about why he was leaving, and he DIDN’T even be annoying! That’s hard to picture for us! He’s usually the most annoying kid at school! But the best thing that happened was Micah. You remember him? That kid Dwight met at the museum? The kid who Dwight sent Origami Yoda to? He was a MIRACLE! I wasn’t there when the miracle happened, but somebody else was. Remi and Ben. So the next case file is written by Remi, because Ben didn’t want to right it. So anyways, Kellen decided that SOMEBODY had to put comments at the end, so he did.

Kellen’s comment: I agree with Tommy, Rhondella’s friends are totally nar nar, pikpok, and all the other bad, UN-stooky stuff! (Wow, now I know what it’s like to be Murky… Stooky!)

My comment: Uhhhh maybe just stick to how you talk Kellen…