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Posting tips and tricks

SuperFolder OY_JASE

If you go to the main page you’ll see as shone is the first pic there’s a sign that says “superfolder submit” if you click on it it’ll bring you to the main posting interface as shown in the second pic you’ll see a text panel directly across from the word “title” that’s where you’ll type your title for your post as shown in the third pic then you’ll also see a text box for your description / main text once that’s down you can move on to the pic / pics. To put a pic in your post you click “add image” that part is where you should ask an adult how to get around but basically when you see the pic you want to post you double click on it then that image will be in your post, you can add more than one images just keep clicking “Add images” and repeating the add image steps when your done with all that you just click submit and wait two to three days your post will have ben posted

I highly recommend righting your post on a platform like WORD and then copying it and pasting it on to oy a good reason to try WORD is it has a spell check, always save your work any time you get up it`s well worth the trouble.

Oy_jase out