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Pleats of The Caribbean 1

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Pleats Of The Caribbean 1: Curse Of The Black Pool Noodle

Case Of The Missing Black Pool Noodle (The Black Pearl)
By John Shake

First of all: why would anyone want to steal my beloved Black Pearl? The Fastest pool noodle ever? Sorry, just kidding. Okay, let me start from the beginning. I’m John Shake. I go to Waveton High School in Hawaii. It’s for people who moved to Hawaii from America. It’s right on the water, so swimming is a big thing at my school. I love Pirates Of The Caribbean, I even made an origami Jack Sparrow! Anyway, I have this black pool noodle. I called it the Black Pearl, like Jack’s ship. I bragged it was the fastest pool noodle ever. So, I suppose that some idiot who thought I was telling the truth probably took it from my locker. Also, I definitely have a hunch. Wyatt Cant. We used to be friends, but then I accidentally broke his Lego Death Star, which he spent a long time building. Then he went nuts, and he hasn’t forgiven me since. So if anyone wanted to steal a thing as useless as a pool noodle just to get me mad, it would most likely be Wyatt. I mean, I’ve moved on, but if there was a chance to get that pool noodle back, I’d take the risk. Wyatt now has made a Captain Foldossa (an origami Barbossa) and an annoying monkey, and has convinced his friends to be his crew. I’ve been trying to find a way to get them back ever since. Perhaps one day I will.

Wyatt’s Comment: >:)

John’s Comment: How did you even get this?

He’s A Pirate

By Anna Tye and Tony Shaffer


Welcome to a typical day at Wavton: nice and quiet

Every Friday: I have no idea what comes over John on Fridays, but it’s ridiculous! John will run past me with: two giant suitcases, and a really heavy backpack. John will fill those suitcases with the cheetos from the vending machine. But this Friday, it was different. I don’t mean it like ¨oh it gets better¨

It gets worse. It all started when he brought that Origami Jack Sparrow…


John´s been my friend for a long time. Don´t get me wrong, he’s cool. But also a little strange. As my girlfriend Anna probably told you, because she can’t seem to put up with him. Anyways, back on topic. I sat down at the lunch table, and John sits next to me and pulls out Jack Sparrogami.

¨How about you give me those cheetos, and I give you five dollars, savvy?¨ John/Jack says.

I groan. What is this guy´s deal with cheetos?

¨I gave you my cheetos last week. And the week before that. The whole of last year too. Also, I thought you wanted to find the pearl during the swim meet.¨ I replied.

John´s eyes open wide at what i was suggesting, and they became crazy, just like Jack Sparrows. So got up, and prepared to go to the pool area for recess. Also, just to be clear. It’s crazy enough there without John. Rubber ducks flying through the air, kids swimming and splashing violently, people on giant floaties battling it out with pool noodles and nerf water guns. Jack also followed me into the pool as well. I got out a one of the giant floaties from the rack.

¨Hey John, want to help me blow this thin-¨

But John was already gone. Oh brother.

Captain Foldossa´s Wrath

By CAPTAIN John Shake

Continuing to leave my comrade to blow up his ship, I took a paddleboard into the giant pool, and right away found myself in the midst of a giant war! The members of the Student Body Government were battling the armadas of, wait, what? I saw Wyatt fighting atop his own floaty, with the Black Pool Noodle! Wyatt punched one Student Council Member, Arnold, sending him flying! Then, he started dueling against another, pool noodle on pool noodle. I piloted the paddle board to the scene, fighting along the way, of course! However, I realized that my board was sinking. But a hand pulled me up! I’m saved. Oh [redacted], it´s Wyatt!

¨John. I´m the Captain now!¨ Wyatt says, wacking me on the back with his own noodle. My noodles.

¨It’s Captain Jack Sparrow!¨ I replied, pulling out my paper Pirate.

Wyatt was only too happy to oblige, pulling out Foldossa. And also, as if right on cue, came Tony, armed with two water balloons and a noodle. Tony stranded heroically on his floaty, as he threw both water balloons into Wyatts face! Also, soaking Foldossa, disintegrating him. The wet paper started growing black, like death as the pen marks grew into large black stains. Taking up half of the paper pirate´s well decorated hat and face. Wyatt dropped Foldossa, and jumped onto Tony´s floaty, and the two started beating each other up, and dragged each other into the watery depths of the pool. Also, nobody drowned, relax. As I lay there on my floaty, I saw the Black Pool Noodle go to the edge of the pool. I swam beneath the waves, avoiding Wyatt and Tony on the way, and made it to the edge. I reached to grab it, but was pulled out by a teacher. I watched sadly and my Black Pearl fell back into Wyatt´s grasp once again. It was my Science Teacher, Mr. Silvers, the scourge of the seven seas, and fear of all pirates. His hair was graying,

and was wearing an unwrinkled black suit. He was the splitting image of that british dude Beckett from the Potc movies. Before I knew it, I was pushed into the chair. This scene has been repeated more than once.

¨Do you know why you are here?¨ Mr. Silver asked.

I tried to avoid his ¨At World’s End Poster,¨ but how could I not resist.

¨Focus, Mr. Shakes! Do you know why you are here today?¨ Silver asked.

¨Uh, no. But may I ask if your poster is looking very good today!¨ I replied meekly.

Silver scowled. ¨Flattery won’t get you anywhere. You are here because you fought and punched a student. You were bullying.¨

I stared blankly and started again: ¨Punching, don´t you mean Wyatt?¨

¨No. I don´t. I will not tolerate bullying. You will report to the Gymnasium to clean it. Also, don´t worry. I´m sure Tony will be happy to join you as well.¨

Come on. Does this guy ever give up?

Captain Foldossa´s Wrath Part 2

By Tony Shaffer

Cleaning the gymnasium huh. Gee, I could think of anything worse, oh wait: I can. Getting pulled underwater by a deranged enemy. I was being pulled down by Wyatt, but all of a sudden, I saw him let go. As I floated to the service, I noticed him pick up a pool noodle and return to follow me back onto a huge floaty. I saw more of John´s X-friends appear behind Wyatt, who had an evil gleam in his eyes. I picked up my noodle, which looked like it was about to break. They handed Wyatt a new Captain Foldossa.

¨For too long I have been parched of thirst and unable to quench it,¨

Wyatt kicked me and I dropped my noodle. Wyatt´s group then snickered as I fell to the ground.

¨You best start believing in ghost stories Mr. Shake. You’re in one!¨ Wyatt finished as he tapped me on the shoulder.

As Wyatt walked away, I thought I heard him say ¨Help me¨ so only I could hear. Then I realized, is Wyatt really in control here? Or is it someone else? I don´t know. But I and John have decided to make a Case File to solve this matter. To help me, I have decided to make an Origami Will Turner! Will Folder!


By Tony Shaffer

The next day, I decided to delve deeper into the Wyatt and Foldossa mystery. These puppets have long been a part of our school’s tradition that started when a guy from Wheeler came here. Then, as you probably know, origami was a big thing at Wheeler. So this started. Who is the guy from Wheeler you ask? That’s right: John Shake. I was sitting at the lunch table with Anna and John minding my own business when I heard a ¨bang!¨

Wyatt and his gang, well, maybe not a gang. A crew. Wyatt and his crew barged into the cafeteria.

¨Can I sit here? I would like to talk to John in private!¨ Wyatt ordered.

Wyatt´s crew Henry, Michael, Tanner and some other blokes took John and Anna out of their seats.

¨Where are you taking them?¨ I asked Wyatt, who was doing a ¨i´m so great smirk¨

¨John? The Principal’s office. As for Anna, he will be taken….uh. Somewhere.¨ Wyatt attempted to reply.

¨Wyatt, please. Tell me.¨

Wyatt shook his head and pulled out Captain Hector Foldossa.

¨I´m afraid not. You’re on the edge of the map, mate. There be monsters!¨Wyatt/Foldossa replied and passed me a note.

Wyatt then gets up, and leaves the cafeteria. I opened and examined the note, it didn’t say much, just ¨Halloween¨
What Happened Next or What Happened To EL Capitan

By CAPTAIN John Shake

Halloween, I get the note now! The Halloween Fun Night! You also might be wondering ¨What happened to the handsome Captain guy?¨

Well, without further adieu: What Happened To El Capitan. I was being dragged along by Wyatt´s cronies Macheal and Will, until we got to the pool, that was as usual. Crazy. I mean, they just dropped me in! I quickly grabbed on to a floaty, and pulled out Jack Sparrowgami and rocketed away!

¨You will remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrowgami!¨ I declared.

I pulled out a freshly purchased Nerf Supersoaker and a pool noodle as Macheal and Will grew even closer on their ships. Using the Supersoaker, I blinded them and made my way to the crowded area of the pool. As they got closer, I unleashed my amazing Fencing skills and threw both of them into the depths. However, then I began to realize that my ship/floaty was sinking! I only had enough time to get to the steps before my floaty finally sunk into the pool. However, I escaped. But another threat still remained. What was Wyatt planning to do at Fun Night?

Fun Night: Duels and Brawls

By Tony Shaffer

I finished decorating my Origami Will Turner as my Dad drove me to Wavton for Fun Night. As I got out of the car, I could smell the sea. Suddenly without warning, John ran up to me.

¨I haven´t seen Anna anywhere! I checked the Gymnasium, soccer field and the pool!¨ John explained.

I nodded my head, and pointed to the beach. I could just make out a few figures dotting the horizon. John and I quickly ran to the scene just in time to see Anna tied up with duct tape to a Palm Tree, and Wyatt and his friends laughing at a ripped origami Elizibeth Swan. It was really detailed, a Keira Knightley in miniature. Guess what else was detailed?

¨Have you got a look at my new Foldossa yet¨ Wyatt scoffed.

He was bragging about it, but it was really good. It looked just like the skeleton Barbossa from the movie.

¨Why are you doing this? If you truly wanted revenge on John, why didn’t you tackle him already?¨ I shouted.

¨Thanks for the idea!¨ Wyatt smirked and pulled out the Black Pearl pool noodle and held up Foldossa.

Why Me?

By John Shake

So while I tried to take in that a wild teenager being controlled by a chaotic puppet was running towards me, I ducked and pulled out a blue pool noodle. I ran at him, fighting like a true pirate, and since we both had Fencing lessons here, I and Wyatt were two very evenly matched people. Well, if I wasn’t better! While Tony freed Anna, I dueled Wyatt in a battle for the ages! Eventually I gained the upper hand, and I grabbed the black pool noodle, which was great to have back! I also ripped Foldossa and threw him into the sea. Wyatt´s crew gasped and made a run for it. Meanwhile, Wyatt was sitting in the sand, looking not so pleased with himself.

¨John. I´m so sorry, I have been terrible to you all October, I´m really sorry.¨ Wyatt pleaded.

¨Well, I´m sorry to say you owe me twenty packs of Cheetos. By the way, why didn’t you follow the code? What about Parlay?¨ John question

¨The code is more guidelines then actual rules.¨ Wyatt replied as he got up. Then, just like Jack Sparrow and Luke Skywalker, he stared into the sunset.

Foldossa´s Conclusion

By Wyatt Cant

John and Tony asked me to write a conclusion to this interesting tale. As the villain for most of this story, I knew my backstory and my reason for doing all those annoying things. So, here is some more information into why I made Captain Foldossa…

After the whole Death Star thing, and more broken Lego incidents, I decided to stop hanging out with John for a little bit until I calmed down. However, things turned sinister. As soon as I folded and decorated my Origami Barbossa, I could tell something was wrong. It BECAME me. I don’t know how, and I don’t know why. Maybe we will find out in the sequel!
Author’s Note: The origami in the image is not mine. I will mae origami in the meantime!
Next Week: Dead Fold’s Chest!