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I’ve been a fan of the books since I was in about Third Grade. I have always loved them, and always will. I’ve been hoping for an Origami Yoda movie to happen for years, but alas. We will just have to see. Anyways, now I’m in middle school, and my friends and I love to make short films and such, and we have decided to look into making an Origami Yoda webseries.

Now, I know what you are thinking. That’s been around for a while, but those kids have moved onto high school and I don’t think they want to do it anymore. And it’s not like reboots have never happened. We’re genuinely interested in shedding some new light on our take on the story.

My friends and I will be acting in it, and we will have more updates as soon as possible. But feel free to email me at ryan4pottermore@gmail.com