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Origami Yoda

Origami Yoda Returns

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By: Tommy

Right now it is the middle of summer break and almost nobody is happy now that origami Yoda is gone. I am writing this case file because I need to know what happens when he is gone at school and what is he doing over at Micah’s house. He really is doing a lot of stuff with origami Yoda. Just look in the next chapter.

We love origami Yoda
By: Micah

Origami Yoda is GREAT! He told me and my friend Joe to study for a geometry test, AND HE WAS RIGHT! Here is how he taught a bully a lesson.

“Hi little Micah. What is that green goop on your finger?” Said Bob.

“It is origami Yoda.” Said Joe.

“True it is. Be quiet you should.” Said origami Yoda.

“YOU KNOW WHAT YOU LITTLE BRAT I-” That was all Bob could say before our teacher Mr.Mondeeny stopped him and gave him a detention slip.

And that was GREAT! Origami Yoda is awesome! But at the last day of 7th grade. Origami did something.

Origami Yoda returns
By: Micah

“A disturbance in the force at Dwight’s school I feel.” Said origami Yoda.

“What is it?” I ask.

“Their new principal. Evil he is. Need Rabaski back we do.” Replied Yoda. “The mailineum falcon. Have it you do?”

“yes. Here.” I said glumly.

“Be sad do not. E-mail you Dwight will when there I am. Pictures of me you will see.” Said Yoda.

” Good bye origami Yoda.” I said.

” Goodbye Captain Micah.” He said. And like that, he was out the window to Dwight’s house.

He is back!
By: Tommy

Origami Yoda is BACK!!! Dwight has him and it is the End of summer. (Micah has school in summer not spring. That is why he was at school.) But he warned us about this note.

Dear, Parents and Students

We regret to inform you that our principal is not our principal any more. She is now our math teacher. BUT, our new principal we hope you will all like. Dr. Edu fun or now known as Principal.Harriet. We now see that FUN TIME was not our best was to help students. But now we can try a new coarse called MEGA Time! It is a 3-D interactive system that builds common core knowledge and learning. We know that you will love this program.

Sighed By: The School board and Principal.Harriet.

This is so unfair! NOSTRUL!!! Origami Yoda, SAVE US!

Mega menace
By: Sara

Well, This stinks. It is now robotics with Tommy and it just switched to Mega Time with Tommy.

This is what it looks like. A purple dolphin with bad singing who splashes water that turn into chemicals When a scientist with a jet pack says what do these two chemicals do? It doesn’t even make any sense? IT IS HORRIBLE! Save me!!!!!

My comment: WUG!
Harvy’s comment: Yep, WUG

6th and 7th grade has combined
By: unknown

Hello. I refuse to reveal my identity for certain reasons and the standards have changed. We have different tests now. You think your science it bad? Well listen to what 6th and 7th graders have to listen on, wait for it, geography.

NBA player rapping: We are gonna learn all 50 states places Yah! Mappy! Where is Texas?
Mappy (looks like the map from Dora the explorer with realistic eyes and mouth) : Texas is HERE! (lands on Texas)
NBA player: Where is Illinois?
Mappy: HERE!!! See is this fun?
Class: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NBA player: YA!!! It is awesome! See you tomorrow and fill out the worksheet your teacher is going to give you.

Do you see what I mean? And the Worksheets are just the two same answers. Apparently You see them again the they go over the answers slowly. Then again slowly. Then again slowly. And 17 more times slowly. So You go over the same answers 20 times!!! Help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harvy’s comment: That is even worse than our Mega time!!!
My comment: This is also another Edu Fun product! This next chapter shows what Yoda is doing to stop this madness.

By: Tommy

Me: Origami Yoda what do we do?
OY: Go to Rabbaski you must. Only then will you know what to do.
Mike: What should we do when we are their?
OY: She will give you a list on a secret rebellion. It consists of all the numbers you need to stop this from going on.

Harvy’s comment: Whaaaaaaaaaa?
My comment: STOOKY!!!

The wet Stain (part 3)
By: Kellen

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Must this always happen to me????????????????? Okay, so, I was at lunch and Lance comes over and then he tripped and his drink of lemonade spilled on… my PANTS!!! Same spot. Everyone in the room looked right at me!!! Then lance pushed me into the bathroom and said “It is not what you think!” That was reaaalllllllll helpful. Well, at least he gave me a towel and said sorry 10 times.

When we came out every thing was back to normal. Good, I would have clobbered him.

Harvy’s comment: I feel sorry for you.
My comment: Me too.

Origami Yoda and order 66
By: Tommy

Me, Kellen, Sara, and Harvy where at the library with one question on our minds. What can we do about MEGA TIME?

“Go to Ribbaski did you?” asked OY/Dwight.
“Yes, and we have 90 kids from each grade to stop Mega Time.” Said Kellen.
“Good, then we plan attack on videos. All teachers will try to hack into videos. Safe we will be for 1 week.”
So no more Mega Time for 1 week? YES!” Said Harvy.
“But what do we have to do? Asked Sara.
“Write a note we will.”

The Meeting with Principal Harriet.
By: Mike

PH: How could you do this? Mega Time is supposed to be good.
Me: Well, it is not. It is destroying our minds. It does not even make sense.
Tommy: That is why we are willing to sabotage the tests PERMANENTLY!
PH: Well then the school board will have to close down the school if that is the case.
Sara: Close down the school? Why?
PH: If the scores are to low then the school will be shut down. AND you would be held back a grade.
All of us: WHAT?!?!?!?!
Me: We only want no mega time.
Harvy: Yeah.
Sara: So true.
OY/Dwight: Harm the school we do not want, but the Mega time must go.
PH: Fine, it will go. We cannot risk loosing this school.

My comment: Me to. But who made their identity a secret?

Who am I?
By: unknown

Right now I will tell you who I am. But first guess…

Ok are you done? This is me. I am Murky!!!
Stooky! I am in 7th grade. I know about OY too!
Well, the case file may be over but, it was only half a year! Can’t wait for the next case file.

Harvy’s comment: WHAAAAAAAAAT?
My comment: It all makes sense! Sadly this is the end of the case file. Next half of the year will be great.