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Origami Yoda

Origami Star Wars series by me coming soon

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I was thinking about this for a while, but I’m going to do it, a Origami Star Wars Series (not a book, but a online comic, I guess)! Here is the plot:

The first Death Star has been blown up for months, and Emperor Pickletine is running out of ideas to win the war. Then, one day, he thinks of the perfect idea: Exterminator Droids, programmed to hunt down the Rebels, and end the war. He sends the Mandofoldians to gather gray origami paper, the perfect paper for Exterminator Droids. If his plan works, the war will be over, and the Rebellion will be gone forever. If the Rebels find out, however, they could find a way to stop these droids. The only question is: How can the droids be stopped?

Hopefully, I can make daily “episodes” without any interruptions. If I miss a day or two, I will post the missed episode(s). I will make the first episode when this post goes online. So, while you’re reading this, think: it won’t be too long before the first episode comes online! Until then, stay tuned!

And while you’re waiting, here’s a sneak peek of Emperor Pickletine trying to figure out how to win the war without the Death Star (note: this series will take place after A New Hope and before The Empire Strikes Back).