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Origami Sora The Power Of The X-Blade

SuperFolder SF_Mega3

Origami Sora: Interactive Adventure Part 1
By Mega3

Search for the X-Blade…
By Origami Xehanort/Harvey
A long time ago, there was an alliance. It was the place where Keyblade users everywhere can hang out and create peace throughout the land. The peace was kept for 5 years, until I made my move.
I divided the alliance into 5 groups. 2 of light, 2 of darkness. The peace was disrupted, and disaster struck. Now, let me ask you a question…
Which side will you chose???

The Mark Of Mastery- Keyblade Masters of light that have passed the Master level.
Light That Shines- Keyblade Users of light that are very eager to protect Kingdom Hearts
The Twisted Heartless- Keyblade users of darkness, emerged from the shadows.
The Menacing Nobodies- Keyblade users of darkness, the hooded individuals.

Chose your side:
TMOM- Stooky
LTS- Fizzpop
TTH- Epic
TMN- Waffle-Tastic

To be continued…