Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Origami Leia The Pig

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So a while ago, I was randomly folding a gray piece of paper until I encountered this. It kinda looked like Leia’s donut hair. So I drew on it and it looked like PRINCESS LEIA, in a Pig version! It looks weird I know, you can see the cloak, arms, legs, and the head. On the side of the head you see 2 layers/flaps, thats the donut hair. The triangle is the pig snout.


Also, I’m really sad the Origami Yoda series was ending. I didn’t have time to go on this website and submit any entries because I have been busy with school, vacation, YouTube, and other things. I will be making a Fan Fiction series of Origami Yoda on my new upcoming website and I will be posting Origami I made over the years.