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Origami Yoda

New Year’s Eve Stookiness – THE IT’S GETTING LATE EDITION!

This could be last DAILY STOOKINESS of 2020! And tomorrow we start afresh with fresh posts! YEEEHAW!!!!!!!

You start scrolling, I gotta go play Throw Throw Burrito!

SuperFolder yodapez

HI its SF Yodapez again for the my last post of 2020! I made something on scratch (Its here https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/468997037/) And in my the first photo is a game I got for Christmas, called “Throw Throw Burrito” where you try to throw foam burritos at each other to gain points. It’s pretty fun. In the next photo I have a origami Star Destroyer that I made from Chris Alexanders book. I hope you have a happy new year and I will be seeing you next year when things are hopefully better! Bye!

SuperFolder fizzpop_porg99

Merry Christmas superfolders! I made origami Yoda from the first case file, the Fortune Wookiee from the 3rd book, and Emporor Pickletine from the last file. They are all made out of Christmas origami paper.

SuperFolder Fortunewookie2255

Hey everyone! Time for my first [EDIT: LAST] post of the year!!! So first off, I would like to welcome stookiestorm41408 to the First Order, along with his sith trooper! Next, for those of you who were wanting instrux for my Among Us spaces here they are. Also I have a new YouTube account! (Might have already said this in a later post but ohwell.😌) Here’s the first vid:

The next video will come out later this month hopefully. Next up I have more origami! (No discription.) Lastly, I got The Art Of The Mandalorian book for Christmas! It’s great! Some really stooky stuff in there!!! Well that’s all for today folks!

SuperFolder Vaderssocks11

Hey guys still sorry about the whole 2 months without anything. Anyways if your wondering what I did over the post less 2 months. Well it was this, a TON of Mario origami. Don’t know why I folded all of these but it is very impressive to me. Some of these characters I made up (ex. The dry bones wearing a blow torch mask) And some are from other games like Mario Kart. (Ex. Golden king boo and Bus driver Waliugi) I hope you enjoy! Ps if you want I can post instrux for some characters, Stooky: Koopa Epic: Bowser Jr/Koopalings and Instrux Please: Toad, Also the Mario instrux I got from Tom, and the Boo instrux I found online.
Bye Now!

SuperFolder Brooksfoldmaster10

Mr good clean fun wants to be cool so he destroys the original puppet soapy and makes a oragami of him as a Jedi

SuperFolder Origami_Master53

Happy New year everyone! I hope every one had a good year (You know forgetting about the Covid part…) Anyways I have remade the Justice League! and I also made the Teen Titans! Some people have made some book recommendations and I thought I should make one too.
1. My NEW Justice League
2. My Teen Titans
3. Star Wars Last of the Jedi book series! I think that it is a GREAT series. It has a total of ten books and has gives us more info on… ‘Someone from Revenge of the sith’ did after order 66!
4. I forgot to mention in my post about Christmas that I got a He-Man action figure! It is Skeletor and is from the new He-man origins set from 2020!
That is all for now! Merry (Late) Christmas, Happy new year, and for some people Happy Birthday!
That was a long post! -Origami_Master53

SuperFolder Linkid09

Guys……..I have a bad feeling about this.Apparently I ready is owned by a HUGE WAMPA SIZED COMPANY called Curiculum assets.The name already sounds evil.And even worse apparently they are almost all over America.We need a plan cuz unlike Funtime this company rules over half of America maybe even more.We can’t have a case file for this.we need a case WORLD.or series.either way more than one book and I calculate Everyone on origami yoda.com x 50 plus Tom plus a lot of other adults plus ppl who aren’t the parents of crazy children who have origami puppets plus someone high in power.Probably less than this but u get the idea it’s gonna take a lot more facts.And a huge attack on it.Maybe we can all bring all our origami and go to dc or wherever the senate is and protest it.They can’t beat all of us plus other fans who don’t have account but read the books or ppl who downright hate I ready. Here is a Star Wars meme I made

SuperFolder proyoda77

Well guys I’m back so I might be doing more stuff on this website so bye!!

SuperFolder Generalgreivous8642

I will post instrux tomorrow

SuperFolder CT_6116

Hey SFs! Since my account is named CT – 6116, I figured that I should post the clone trooper with that designation, Kix. Kix was a medic in the 501st Legion but was captured by the Separatists before the end of the war and joined the Crimson Corsair after his awakening from stasis on the crashed Separatist ship. He also had looked into Order 66 after Fives’ death. I’m sorry if his markings are lopsided.


SFs, let me wrap up 2020’s Stookiness by saying one thing: It’s been a rough year, but you and your creations have never stopped… and they’ve never stopped being stooky. Great job! Come back tomorrow to find out who submitted the first post of 2021!!!