Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


SFs!!!! This is IT! The final day of DAILY STOOKINESS! It’s been great, but tomorrow we return to each SF getting their own posts and the chance to comment on other SFs posts! Best of all, the waiting period of 2-3 months is GONE!

To get there, we have one more day … and it’s going to be a wild one!!!! So get ready to SCROLL SCROLL SCROOLLLLLLLLLL and see it all!!!!

SuperFolder Nick_the_Jedi

Ironically, although my super folder name is Nick the Jedi, I post a lot of dark side origami. Anyway, here’s a redone version of my origami Darth Maul, with the artwork based off what he looked like in The Clone Wars and the folding slightly modified.

Also, I wanted to shout out fellow super folder Stingray for making an amazing video tutorial on how to fold my origami Maul! If my poorly hand drawn instructions were hard to decipher, Stingray’s video is much better. Here’s the link:

That’s all from me for now, happy holidays to you all and remember to stay safe!

SuperFolder ObiWan333

I would like to make a couple of recommendations for what to watch for Superfolders. I want to give a shoutout to Superfolder Stingray. I was browsing youtube for folding origami and Stingray’s youtube channel: Stingray’s Star Wars Stuff, is simply fantastic. Mega Stooky! Her origami skills are so stooky and her speed drawings are amazing too. She makes really instructional videos on how to make such great characters. Folks, you all should watch her channel and subscribe or at least like some videos. Stingray, if you are reading this, keep up to fantastic work and please make more videos. (Also I’ve been dying to get a good Qui-Gon Jinn origami but I just can’t find any Qui-Gon Jinn folds that I like. Could you invent an origami Qui-Gon and put it in youtube). I’d like to consider myself a fan of your work.
Also, I rewatched a Christmas movie that I watched last year and it is Mega-Stooky! It’s called Klaus and it is an animated movie that has such a great plot and it actually made me cry in one scene. (I rarely cry in any movies, so I know this movie is really good). You can find it in Netflix. It is a really, really great movie. Please watch it. It won’t be a disappointment. I hope you all like my recommendations. May the Force be with You.

SuperFolder coolvader2461

I have created myself as a Sith/Jedi

SuperFolder StookyTrooper

I’m pretty surprised that nobody has done this yet.
Wish I could see if anyone is saying “instrux plz”

SuperFolder Master_9

I diched the desk for the dog. So, again, sorry about the background. I got a stormtrooper with the redesigned mask. It is stooky!! any who enough about me geeking out about a mask. we have something much better… VALKYRIE!! Ok, that’s all. 🙂 Oh, the dog left. boo.

SuperFolder dominosquad2020

I think I got Tom Anglebereger’s black panther. I just used the Han Solo fold and decorated it.

SuperFolder Brayden_Thomas

So I was just thinking about a bounty hunter to fold and I couldn’t come up with anything so you guy get to name him!

SuperFolder Dansdiamonds

This is a origami yoda I made myself!

SuperFolder Stingray

It’s winter now, so I started making snowflakes! First picture = rebellion snowflake (left) and empire snowflake (right). The second picture is a Mando and Grogu snowflake made for me by my sister. (This was really nice of her bc she doesn’t actually like Star Wars)
P.S Happy Festivus everyone!!!!!! Time for the airing of the grievances 😂