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New OYEU Story Also SFs UNITE

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Hey, guys! ArtsyActor here! Today, I am pleased to announce the release of the first 4 to 5 chapters of the first episode of my new OYEU Story, “Weirder Stuff: The Adventure Begins”, an OYEU “Stranger Thngs” Story. I am not finished woth the story yet, but here are the first 4 or 5 chapters, as a sneak peek. Also, REMEMBER: The SF’s UNITE submission is still open for more entries! My goal is to have at least 40 submissions in the book! So, if you’re interested, look up “SF’S, UNITE!!!” in the search on this website. Thanks, y’all, and God Bless You!!! Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Superfolders or all ages, I am proud to present…

Weirder Stuff-
An OYEU Stranger Things Parody


Episode 1. The Adventure Begins

A Weird presence
By Joel

This has been a weird past few months. It all started in July, up at Camp Elton.

Oh,I forgot. I’m Joel, by the way.

Anyways, I love going to Elton each year. My favorite part of Camp Elton is the drama program. Each year, at campfire, the campers do a variety of skits, and they have to audition for the campfire director during free time, and then practice it. Up until 4 years ago, an adult, Ms. Pamela, ran the campfire. I enjoyed campfire so much, that one year, I asked if I could help co-host the campfire. From then on after that, I was running the campfire! I love it, and I don’t wanna stop for a long time. This Year’s camp was very weird, however. I was over at the chow hall, and as I was dumping my tray, A girl walked right into me.
“Ouch!”, I said. I looked at her, and she was on the floor. I must have bumped her. “Are you okay?”, I asked. She just sort of sat there. I held out my hand and pulled her back on her feet. “Thanks”, she said. “Sorry about that”. Then she dumped her tray and left. I picked up my tray, which was upside down on the floor. Under it, there was a piece of paper. I picked it up, thinking that maybe it was another camper’s garbage. But it was an origami finger puppet. I put my tray in the camp sink, and then got a closer look at the puppet. It was very well made. I then realized that the puppet was an origami version of Eleven, from Stranger Things. On the back of it were the words, “Meet me at campfire. From, Alana”.
So, the girl’s name was Alana. I wonder what she was doing with an origami Eleven? There was only one thing to do, I told myself. I was going to have to keep an eye out for her at skit practice later today.
I told my friend, Darien, about the incident. He suggested that we make a case-file about this. I could not disagree. This has never happened before at Camp Elton.

At Skit Practice
By Darien

Hi. I’m Darien, Joel’s best friend, and the summer camp yearbook photographer. I went up to skit practice, about an hour after lunch. I had an awesome idea for a skit, and I was curious about the Origami Eleven. “Hey, Joel”, I said. “What’s up?”. He just sort of nodded. I forgot. Never interrupt Joel when he’s working with a Skit group, which he was. It was some Skit that at least one group does every year, the one with the invisible bench. Ugh. So repetitive. But who am I to judge? I have had some stupid skits in the past, as well. While I was waiting, I snapped a few shots of Joel working on the skit with the other campers. The kids finally left, and I went over to Joel. He was cleaning up the Skit props, and I helped him, so I could talk to him. “Hey, man”, he said. “Sorry about that”. “No, I get that you have to deal with this every year. It’s no biggie”, I answer. I asked him about the Origami Eleven. He pulled it out of his pocket. It was slightly crumpled, because he’d had it in his pocket, but the writing on the back was still legible. “Weird that some camper would drop this, out of nowhere”, I said. “Yeah. But she still hasn’t shown here at the campfire yet, so I dunno why she even bothered with this whole thing”, he replied. Suddenly, out of the blue, a U.F.B.T. (Unidentified Flying Beige Thing) hit Joel right in the back of the head! “OW!”, he exclaimed. I bent down and picked up the UFT. It was a frozen waffle. On it was a note, written, “Turn Around”. Then another waffle hit him in the head, and he shouted “OW!”, again. “Well, this can’t possibly get any weirder”, I think aloud. Joel and I turn around, and, no, we don’t see the girl from the Chow Hall (good guess, though). Instead, we see Caleb waving at us. I tried taking a picture of him, also. He threw a waffle at my camera.

Waffle Attack
By Caleb

Hi, guys, I’m Caleb, Joel’s 2nd best friend. Anyway, I saw Joel help that girl up at lunch, and pick up the paper, and I wanted to know what it was. I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself, however. So, I decided to take the subtle route. I went into the kitchen, and asked the chef, Mr. Rodney, for a box of waffles. I told him it was for a skit, which was technically true, since I was going up to campfire, and since Mr. Rodney usually let’s campers use kitchen stuff for skits. He gave me the box, and I snuck up the back way to the campfire, behind the stage. Then, discreetly trying to get Joel’s attention, without drawing attention to myself, I wrote a note on on a piece of scrap paper, then licked it and stuck it to the back of a frozen waffle. Then I hurled the waffle at Joel. It hit him in the back of the head. He screamed. Darien was there too, and he picked up the waffle and read the note. I tried throwing a waffle at him, too, but I missed and hit Joel again. He screamed again. Darien said, “This can’t possibly get any weirder”, and then they turned around around saw me. Holding a box of frozen waffles. I grinned. Darien tried taking a picture of me, but I didn’t want him to, so I threw a waffle at his camera. Joel and Darien just rolled their eyes. “Hey, guys. Sorry, I just wanted to know what that piece of paper Joel has is”, I said. See? Discreet. Joel answered, “I’ll tell you if you stop throwing frozen waffles at me!”. I did. He held up the paper as I came over. It was Eleven from Stranger Things . “Cool!”, I said. “So, what was that girl doing with an Origami Eleven?”, I ask. “I don’t know, but she’s supposed to be meeting me here to explain,” said Joel. “Caleb, why were you throwing waffles at Joel?”, Darien asked. I was just about to explain, but then we heard an *ahem* behind us. All three of us looked around, and there was that girl from lunch. “About time you got here,” Joel said. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to keep you waiting,”, the girl answered, “It’s not like you have a job running campfire, or anything, and had nowhere else to be, anyway”. “Touche”, Joel said. “Anyways, what are you up to?”

What Alana Was Up To
Alana’s Monologue
By Joel

“Anyways, what are you up to?”, I asked. She came up to me and took the Origami Eleven back. “Thanks for taking care of this for me,” she said. Then, she motioned for us to sit down. I hesitated, and so did Darien and Caleb, but then we all did. She walked up to the stage, and, then she started monologuing. How appropriate, I thought to myself. Here is her monologue:

“Ever since arriving at camp last week, I have discovered some odd things, or, Stranger Things, going on here at Camp Elton. [At this point, all three of us groaned at Alana’s little pun.] The camp director’s dog, Mango, for instance, keeps putting her ear to the ground, and whimpering. The Chow Hall almost burned down last week, and the foosball table’s missing pieces. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all of this stuff keeps happening. That’s why I made Origami Eleven. I wanted something to help me investigate the stuff that has been going on here”.

She finished her monologue, and had me thinking. It all seemed rather odd. I raised my hand. She sighed, in annoyance. “Yes?”, she said. I asked my question. “Why Eleven? Why not Sherlock Holmes, or Doctor Who, or Batman? Eleven hasn’t solved a mystery, ever. Then again, if she has, I wouldn’t know. I haven’t seen season 2 yet,” I finish. She comes and sits down with us, and says, “Eleven is a mysterious character. That’s why I chose her, to help me figure out why all these mysterious things have been going on. So, the reason I called you here, Joel, and, you other two, I guess, is becuase, i need your help to solve this strange mystery. Who’s with me?”, she finishes. I think about it. What if this is all a trap? What if she caused the near-burn down of the Chow Hall? What if all the weird things going on are here fault? There’s only one way to find out, I concluded in my head. I stood up and said, “I’m in”. Darien and Caleb hesitated, but then each stood up, as well. “Count us in,” they said. Alana smiled. “Good”, she exclaimed. Then she added, “Oh, one more thing. You’ll need these”. She pulled out of her jacket a pack of origami paper, and a couple sharpies. Oh, man. This was gonna be sweet!