Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

New origami exciting news and special appearance

SuperFolder Grand_Admiral

Man, wasn’t SF CON AWESOME?!

First, new origami: shirt rip superman. I think that explains itself. (Don’t ask for instrux, it’s just the 3 fold flipped upside down with the corners folded back)

Exciting news:
I just went to the bookstore and I got:
Death of the family!! This is one of my favorite comics ever, up there with endgame (no, not the MCU movie), the long Halloween, dark victory, all star Superman, Superman: red son, kingdom come, Darth Vader: dark lord of the Sith, Jason Aaron Star Wars, and the Terran empire trilogy!!!

The last command: third and final book in the Thrawn trilogy (OG)

And now, the special appearance…
GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN!! Yep, this is my BEST origami EVER, and it’s 100% custom, and it’s the own that appeared in SF CON!!