Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

My origami collection

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I have made so much Star Wars origami that I don’t know what to do with it all. My picture includes cantina band guy, yoda, yoda, Ashoka, papertine, Kylo ren, Lando, Finn, nein numb, Luke, Luke, spider man, cover yoda, baby yoda, C3po, max rebo, boba Fett, boba Fett, Kylo, papertine, Sith trooper, imperial red gaurd, chewie, grand inquisitor, yoda, admiral ackbar, Hera, gammorean gaurd, mace Windu, R2-D2, ponda baba, leia, maul, Poe, porg, porg , storm trooper, maul, C3po, max rebo, Darth paper, bb8, cover yoda, chopper, Han foldo, C3po, Hera, Luke, bossk, Poe, Ashoka, obi wan, link, droopy, zeb, yoda, young obi wan, sy snootles, Luke, Rey, and agent kallus.

If you want instructions than make a post saying which character you want me to do.