Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

My new origami Ahsoka book sneak peek

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Look I really love the books of origami Yoda so I am making my own all I need now is copyright, how about it? Here is my first chapter!

The story
By Carter

So, one day I was coming back from Funtime to go eat lunch, when I found origami instructions and origami Ahsoka paper I quickly shoved it in my backpack and ate lunch. I came home and quickly folded her. I was going downstairs to go get white paper for her lightsabers when I heard a voice say ‘Yoda?’ It couldn’t have been her, could it? I put her on my finger and listened to her talk about how she wanted to find some master Jedi ‘fine I’ll take you Yoda.’ ‘Great!’

Harvey’s comment, you can not believe this guy’s!
Tommys comment, I don’t know about it either, yet.