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Mandomakers Star Wars Questionnaire

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The Star Wars Questionnaire.

Jedi or sith:
I would like to think that if I were in Star Wars I would be a Jedi, but truthfully I am not very sure about that. The Jedi have A noble cause to support, unlike the Sith, but they have a lot of Teachings that I would find hard to follow. Really, if I were a Jedi I think that I would turn out like count dooku, A little less powerful perhaps, and less likely to join the Sith but ultimately I think that I would leave the order.
But if I had to choose it would definitely be the Jedi. And even if I left the order my teachings would remain on the side of the light.

Favorite planets:
I like the idea of dantooine for it’s abundance of life and grassy meadows and just, basically tatooine with grass.
I also like dathomir.
Although Dathomir is depicted in the Clone wars as a evil planet complete with a red atmosphere, it is shown in and entirely different light in the book “backlash” the third book in the “fate of the Jedi” by Aaron Allston.
In Aaron Allston’s book, dathomir is described as a world completely enveloped In forests and lakes, a world so full of life that the inhabitants feel a greater connection to the living Force.
A dangerous world for sure, but I could live with that.

Lightsaber type, color and fighting style:
Think that I would have a single lightsaber styled after obi-wan’s second lightsaber.
It would have a purple crystal because of my tendency to fight with the force and the lightsaber in equal parts and because of my reluctance to fight unless totally necessary. I would also carry a lightsaber shoto with me for the times that I had to fight multiple enemy’s.
I would specialize in makashi because I am very interested in the subtleties of lightsaber combat, also I would be a practitioner of ataru so that I could easily incorporate Force based attacks into my offense, and I would be proficient (to a degree) in jar’kai so that if I ever where to get into a life and death situation, I could surprise my opponent with my lightsaber shoto and deal with the threat quickly.

Favorite species:
The Gen’Dai.c
I mean, what other species lives for thousands of years and will heal itself in seconds!

Favorite vehicle:
I think that I like the super star destroyer’s, the big ones like vader’s flagship.

If you where a Jedi which master would you want?:
Luke Skywalker. He remade the order in the way that he thought was best, and in doing so, proves that he doesn’t always work by the rules.

If you where a SITH which master would you want?:
I’m going to go with what many have said before me, darth plagueis, because he would treat me as an equal.

If you where a sith what would your “darth” name be?:
Darth Desoles. Desoles as in desolation which is a synonym for mental suffering. Appropriate right?

Favorite film:
Return of the Jedi, as it is the conclusion of the story, until you start reading the books.

Least favorite film:
The phantom menace, I know, it’s so predictable…

If you could wright your own Star Wars Novel, what would it be about?:
I think that I would wright about the the clone troopers and their feelings about order sixty six, and how they try to justify their actions by helping to bring the empire into a greater state of peace.

Which film has your favorite soundtrack?:
All of them!

Do you collect figures?:
I used to, but now, I merely have a collection of figures.

In your opinion what is the best thing about EU?:
The sheer amount of stuff! It is amazing!

In your opinion what is the worst thing about EU?:
The incredible amount of things that Can be explored in the expanded universe and they mostly focus on the Jedi!

What does Star Wars mean to you?:
Star Wars is… a way of life, put quite simply.
I find it amazing how you can incorporate it into everyday life.
I was six years old when I watched Star Wars episode one, I can remember it quite clearly.
I would always wake up early so that I could do what I wanted before school (back then I did still go to school) and my dad was watching something on the TV.
It was Star Wars the phantom menace being shown for the last time ever on television.
I was enraptured at the thought of something like this, in fact I was so exited about the movie that when My dad told me that there where more, I insisted that we watch episode two when I came home from school.
After two years, i had watched each episode six times each, and I owned them all.
My dad gave me the first trilogy that he had bout when Star Wars came out, and I got the later three movies from my grandpa for Christmas.
Then I learned that there where books.
Every obscure fact, every minute detail that I could get my hands on… It became a way to learn.
Through Star Wars I learned that you can’t just let bullies beat you up, I learned how to put on a good poker face when gambling Halloween candy, I learned how to fight with a blade, Star Wars and Calvin and Hobbes taught me to read.
For me, Star Wars is my life.