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Mando Army

SuperFolder Mandomaker

here is an update on the mando army.

here are the COMFIRMED members of the mando army:
Mandomaker-Boba Fett
Origamigrandmaster-Jango Fett
ramazama2-Pre Visla

to join the mando army say fizzpop and create a submission. title your submission “i am part of the mando army” so that anyone typing that into the search box can find the list of Mando Members. there are a few things you must do to join the Mando Army. 1, title your submission as stated previously. 2, fold the mandalorian you are going to be. 3, say why you want to be in the mando army. 4, ether vote for a course of action that the Mando army should undertake, or state an idea for an unmentioned course of action.

these are the currently preposed courses of action:
will the Mando Army do challanges?
will the Mando Army make origami mandolalorians?
will the Mando Army collect bountys?
will the Mando Army ask tom to be made official?
will the Mando Army elect a mandalore?
or will the Mando Army do something else?

join the Mando army and cast your votes now. i will keep track.