Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Mace Thindu

SuperFolder Star_Warigami_Master

I call this guy Mace Thindu cuz paper’s thin. Five instrux plz 4 instrux, although I can’t quite remember how I made him. The lightsaber’s too short. Oops. All I remember is that he requires 2 pieces of paper. Not sure how large. And something I forgot in my StarWarigami Masters post, here’s what I need:

A few good artists.

At least 1 person who can fold cover yoda

Other superfolders who can come up with their own design of characters

When you contact me, tell me which job you want. I will zoom or Google meet with you for an interview.

If you get the job, yes there is a salary.

Contact me at yodashafer79@gmail.com