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Ki adi Mundi competition

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Man…. I really gotta stick to the rules! When I first saw OrigamiFire 9’s submission I got so excited that I immediately gave him a seat and also underestimated Ki Adi Mundi’s popularity!! And when I saw other people wanted to be him as well I made this post to be fair to everyone. And for your answer Plo Windu, well I’m not quite shure what your question was to begin with but I think I have a good idea of what your asking so if it’s this “If you lose in one competition can you compete in another competition?” then yes! But if your question is if you can be Yoda and Mace Windu at the same time? Then no, no you can not.

Anyway!! On to the competition!!

First is OrigamiFire9! Say “FIZZPOP!” if you vote for him.

Seconded we have Plo Windu! Say “STOOKY” if you vote for him.

And last we have Wookiefolder101! Say “EPIC!” if you vote for him.

One more thing before I go
Merry Christmas!