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Origami Yoda

Jedi Council NEW and IMPROVED

SuperFolder stookiestorm41408

This is the first photo I have ever posted on Origamiyoda.com!!! Anyway I’m hosting my own club called The Jedi Council. We will showcase our origami, make folding challenges like my youngling challenge, and celebrate Origami Day together. There are currently eleven seats left, because I Chose Ki-Audi-Mundi. You must choose one of the following jedi to fold. Please only send in your BEST origami!!!

If you want a seat you must make:


· Mace Windu

Kit Fisto

·Shaak Ti

·Obi Wan Kenobi

·Anakin Skywalker

·Plo Koon

·Agen Kolar

·Adi Gallia

·Even Piell

·Saesee Tiin

Bye for now!