Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Jedi Council

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I thought you guys may be curious about my submission of the jedi council jawa, well that was for shawnsolo’s contest for a seat in the jedi council. But then I realized he was inactive 馃檨 . So I am reestablishing his contest! There are currently 11 seats left Kit Fisto/Me has taken #12 .

If you want a seat you must make:


路 Mace Windu

路Ki Adi Mundi

路Shaak Ti

路Obi Wan Kenobi

路Anakin Skywalker

路Plo Koon

路Agen Kolar

路Adi Gallia

路Even Piell

路Saesee Tiin

If it isn’t obvious enough the characters I’ve listed above will be what represents you! Now you must now you must be wondering on how I will choose the winner, well I’ll tell you the people who post a character say Yoda will be overlooked by me and choose the best ones (note I am not saying your origami is bad end note) and the last final ones will be voted by the public.

1 more things before I go, if your wondering what to put as the the TITLE put Jedi Council.