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Its been a while

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It’s been a while since I’ve been on this website.

I think the last time I submitted something on this website was four years ago! Back then, I thought I had grown out of Origami Yoda for good. I figured I was too old for it. But just today, I was sitting in my church just fiddling with a full-size piece of paper. I was reminded of the fun times I had back when I was younger. So I split it into four and then used each of the four to make some Origami Star Wars character or another. They ended up a lot better than I expected! I was proud of myself. So I decided to make a visit here…

This is not my first account. My first account was General_Creases. Back then, Origami Yoda was my life. Now, I have so much other stuff to do (school and whatnot. Also, not to brag or anything, but I made it into the “Acknowledgements” section of the sixth book (I know a lot of other SFs did, too).
But my General_Creases account was banned because being young, I did some not-smart things. I’d like to thank Webmaster Sam for unbanning that account although I don’t even use it anymore. I know, back then, it meant a lot to me.

So lately I’ve been working on stuff on Scratch (scratch.mit.edu) and I happened to notice that Tom has featured an awesome game somebody made about Origami Yoda. On Scratch, I’ve gotten into a habit of giving credit to anybody who played even the smallest part in a project or something, so I’d like to thank SF Forcegami13 for inspiring ME to make a origami yoda-related game, for old time’s sake. It might never get finished but I will definitely notify you all if it does.

Also thanks to SF ArtsyActor for giving me the idea for this picture (the space and the words and whatnot). I’ve actually been doing stuff like that for a while but ultimately he inspired me to make the image for this like that.

Basically, right now I just want to thank Tom Angleberger for making my childhood a more enjoyable time 🙂 and for being the first author to actually write back to a letter. I had an idea for another origami book and he actually doodled it for me! I’ve lost it by now but I still remember it very clearly.

So yeah just thanks guys I might be on a here a few. I’ll definitely notify you all if I make that OY game and I might have to start getting back into origami 😀