Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Into return if the sayain saga

SuperFolder Redring

The sayain saga…Radtiz has fell, to Piccolo’s “special beam canon…” BUT AT WHAT COST! Goku is dead! But Gohan, Goku’s 5 year old, appearently is almost tougher then his father! Piccolo has a stray thought. Nothing is stronger then Piccolo’s training… Gohan… Time for some heck of a training to transform crybaby Gohan into Ultra-Han A.K.A Cell game MR.UNIVERSE! I should put that in his resmie (Can’t spell apparently) . Gohan has amazing strength that he can’t bring out when he needs to. And Goku, also training in the other world, (heaven and hell sorta stuff, holy people) he races across…A pretty dang far bridge across hell (Snake bridge…Snake bridge is falling down,falling down…) If he falls, game over…”I shoulda pack some snacks…”

…You’re dead. You can’t starve to death, N00B. Hehehehe… Maybe, Goku will even come back to life.

JK, totally. The sayain Vegeta hasn’t fought yet, and Tien, Yamcha, and maybe in a bit, Picolo, WILL DIE. Wait, too late. Goku seems angry. His power lever rose. “Kaio-wha-” SUPERMAN, Nappa, Vegeta, etc. What? Anything above X2 will literally kill him! Goku’s chest might pop if he doesn’t stop great ape vegeta! Gohan…Why are you…Growing. Boy, Goku might be here a while. Krillin, your shift begins now!

UPDATE: I had a idea. Put 6 dots on salami and draw krillins face. Or, create a Krillin and use a salami distructo-disk)