Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Im Back fellow SuperFolders

SuperFolder Ghostbuster_2nd

Oh man is it good to be back here!

Oh. You don’t know who I am? Well let me reintroduce myself to you all. Just introduce if you never heard of me before.

Hello. My name is SuperFolder Ghostbuster. I am a veteran SuperFolder since 2013 (I’m now 17 (Am I too old to be here?)), and would wish to return to this website to contact Tom Angleberger about some good writing tips and ideas for something I am writing up with me and my friends. What’s that? You don’t know what I’m writing? Well pull up a chair young padawan, and I’ll tell you.

I’m writing an epic tale of a group of interdimensional travelers called the “Pretty Brainless Businessmen”. They basically travel the multiverse and fight… *sighs in embarrassment* …We fight the “My Little Pony” characters basically!

Anyway, My message to Mr. Angleberger: Would you like to help the Pretty Brainless Businessmen and I build up our stories and such (such as you could email me some ideas and writing tips)? It’s fine if you say “no”, but I’ve been a fan of your books for so long that “Origami Yoda” has been subtly referenced in the PBB Adventures (We store our adventures in a case file, and Origami Yoda can be seen on my [persona’s] sweatshirt) and now I’ve gotten to the point where I should just ask an expert for help on making the Pretty Brainless Businessmen a reality. Help me Tom Angleberger…You’re my only hope.

P.S. I knew I couldn’t leave you guys empty handed, so I drew Origami Yoda meeting an origami Yang Xiao Long from “RWBY” (Such a good show). Also, if you like to speak to me, I have a Discord server down below for the Pretty Brainless Businessmen. Feel free to meet me 😀