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Origami Yoda

Im Back Also I Need MORE Ideas For SFs UNITE

SuperFolder ArtsyActor

Hey, SF’s,
I need your help!!!
I haven’t been around lately, but I also noticed that there haven’t been ANY ideas or activities for our book, “Super Folders Unite!!!”. If anyone has any ideas for origami, or a story, or ANYTHING, please, with WAFFLES AND PLASTIC DINOSAURS ON TOP, post the idea with the title, “SF’s UNITE” as if it were a chapter of an OY Book. Here’s an example:

How to Fold Jarjar (Title)
By Dwight (Author/SF’s Name. Do NOT use your real name.)

Blablablablablablablablalblablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla…(Instructions or main text.)

Finally, if you can, post a picture that goes along with your activity. DO NOT pull a picture off of Google. You have to make and post it yourself.

Come On, SF’s !!!! Let’s destroy the Dark Side of Boredom and save the Galaxy of Creativity with our stooky activities, stories, and Ideas!!!!

God Bless You Guys!!!

-SF ArtsyActor