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i-ready round-up

A NOTE FROM SAM: If you want to be included in the I-Ready Round-Up be sure the title of your post has the word READY. Otherwise it may never get posted. (If it says REDY, that’s not going to work. READY, please.)

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Moose1 can I join I ready rebellion as a porg ?comment stooky if yes,fizzpop if no


First of all: info for moose1: From what I know, I-ready is not used in Canada and I live in Canada so I won’t have to send a message to my principal about I-ready, but I will still count as one of the rebels in the Rebellion.
Second: Like I said in my bat-family post (currently not shown up yet), you could guess what my next post is, but I won’t post it until I see your guesses. Also I posted an Ahsoka after that, so that’s not the real “next post” as I said in the bat-family post.

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moose1 help me ther are kids in my class who like i redy it is notrul help me moose1 your my only hope respond i sepret thing !

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We should make an online petition and sign it..
Ps you may remember these instrux but here they are again …

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