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Origami Yoda

I-Ready Replies!

SFs… Not only was the posting of origami interrupted, but so was your iReady discussion. Let’s catch up, but first a reminder from Sam: If you want to comment about iReady PLEASE put “iReady” in the title of your post.

SuperFolder ewok_origami77

Hey SF i-Ready Rebellion!! Thanks for bearing with me as I’ve been seriously procrastinating this post. First on the agenda, the list of all superfolders who have joined the rebellion and their characters.
Greedobro_9 as Detective Chimp
Linkid09 and siblings as Mando, Ahsoka, and Origami Yoda
stookiestorm41408 as Zeb Orrelious
moose1 as Luke
Cal_Kestis as ???
The AdmiralIan as ??? (Sorry, Mando and Boba are taken)
Generalgreivous8642 as ???
Sfbatfold as Captain Americut
Lukeplywalker78 as Art2-D2
If I am missing your name, comment FIZZPOP. If you have question marks next to your name, make a post telling me who you’re in the rebellion as.
If you have question marks next to your name, it means you did not say what your character was. All of the characters above have been chosen, and also, my character will be Boba Fett, or Folda Fett if you will. There are plenty more characters to choose from. Those of you who have question marks next to your name, please do a post specifying your character.
Next on the agenda, those of you who have started coming up with ways to defeat i-Ready, you are doing an awesome job! I’m going to create a google doc with all of the points you’ve come up with, along with the links of websites making points. Hopefully, it will work because I’m going to make the share settings so that anyone with the link can access it. That doc will hopefully be finished by the next meeting, which I’m hoping I can get done sometime next week.
Thank you SFs for helping me with this! I saw that the older SFs defeated something called IXL, so I think that means that there really is hope for us to defeat i-Ready.

SuperFolder Stooky_Chewie_GJ

This is mainly meant for the I-Ready rebellion members, especially ewok_origami77.

First off, I’m with you guys on taking down I-Ready. I don’t have to do it thankfully, but I used to have a really stupid math program called ST Math when I was in fifth grade. I have, however, seen my brother and sister using I-Ready and they both hate it. I definitely think it is a good idea to rebel against it, but there’s a few minor difficulties you guys should consider.

1. I-Ready is used in schools across America, and it would be hard to get rid of it in every school.

2. I-Ready is a multi-million dollar company, making at least $50,000,000 per year (and that’s just an estimate). This is the most important problem because it shows that it’s going to take an insane amount of convincing to shut the whole company down.

Because of this, I think that it is impossible to rid I-Ready from every school. However, I think the best thing to do is gather research and get more superfolders to join, and then present that information to the principal of whatever school you want to remove I-Ready from. This would be best done in the form of a letter, just like in the books. You could even make origami star wars characters or something and show just how committed you are to the rebellion.


Oh, and add me to the rebellion. I’d love to help with ridding I-Ready from all your schools 😉

SuperFolder Master_9

I do not have i-Ready but I looked it up it looks awful!!!!!! Well I’ll be Greedo or Plo Koon. (I still need to make them.)

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

Sf Ewokorigami77, I am ready to rebel against I-ready! I have done I-ready in the past and it STINKS! Thank you for standing up about it. I will be captain keeli.

SuperFolder Origami_Master53

Hey! I decided to join the fight! I don’t know what I-Ready is like but from everyone else and reviews it must be bad! But anyway I would like to join as Starkiller from Star Wars the force unleashed!! Say Stooky if I can! If not I would be Jango Fett! (Say epic if I have to be Jango and not Starkiller!)
Thanks! Origami_Master53!

SuperFolder TheAdimralIan

ewok_origami77 i would like to be r2-d2 if i can not be hime then i would like to be anakin skyfolder thanks

SuperFolder Sfbatfold

Hey so on sfc a superfolder known as sf red fold unfortunately does not have a origami yoda account but he said to tell you he joined another Jedi added to our cause!!!!
Also btw I want to post my sweet baby yoda my aunt and uncle got me

SuperFolder yodapez

I don’t do I-ready BUT I am going to help anyway because I might have to to it eventually and because it sounds so horrible. So I am joining the rebellion!

SuperFolder SonicTheHedgefold10

First of all, I am only 9 and I don’t want people to insult me. 2nd of all, tom is probably not supporting these things.

Note from Tom: Don’t insult Sonic the Hedgefold10!!!!!! But I DO support SFs finding out about iReady and expressing their opinion about it!