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Origami Yoda

i-Ready Conversation Continues…

SuperFolder darthshivious1234

I would like to join the rebel alliance that is fighting I ready.

I don’t have to do it, but I looked it up and it is nostrul times 1000000.

I would like to be han foldo and if he is taken then BB-8.

we will unite to wipe the i-ready scum off of the face of earth!


i just took i ready and it sux.At the start i had to tap on 10 DIFFERIENT BUTTONS AND THE ONLY ONE ON THE TEST WAS THE CALCULATOR.GIZO NOSTULS.And apperantly ima have to take another one.AND ON TOP OF THAT my mom thinks they use i ready to fail or pass u but ACTUALLY they use it to “find classes that are right for me” WELL THATS THE MOST NOSTRUL LINE IN THE HISTORY OF NOSTRUL LINES.The only reason my score went down is cuz i was INCREDIBLEY BORED.AND I TOLD MY DAD THAT WAS Y AND HE PRETENDED THAT WAS TRUE BUT WE ALL KNOW HE THOUGHT I WAS TALKING NOSTRUL.
(note:im sorry for the overuse of nostril its just reEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALY bad)Anyways plz take down i ready before the end of the year or i might as well just get a bunch of origami clone troopers and have them execute origami 66 on myself.

SuperFolder Commander_Tano

Hi guys, I should have posted this earlier, but I totally want to be part of this as a veteran survivor of the dreaded I-Ready menace! (I think I’d like to be Gamora, if ewok77 is reading this)
2 years ago it dominated our pre-algebra class, terrible and mind-numbing. Don’t get me started on the fact that if you pause the lesson, the people just keep blinking, and blinking, and blinking…(sooo creepy!) and if you mess up on the test for the topic, you had to start over at the beginning of the irritating lesson! Plus, there was a little hamster who’s voice was so annoying I had to mute it! I escaped by changing my math class at the semester…fortunately we were only the lab rats testing out a new curriculum, but now that I’m not going to that school anymore, I wonder if it has spread! (I hope Gamora isn’t already taken)

SuperFolder moose1

So I’ve been thinking, If we go to our principal or school board and show them why I-ready is bad, we can’t just say that a bunch of kids from other schools think like this too. We have to get other people in our own schools to join us. Just sharing that with you ewok_origami77.
Ps. This year’s test score for me determines my middle school math class. In other words, I HAVE to do well or my parents will kill me. So we cannot fail!

SuperFolder SuperFolderfollywan

I would like to join your I ready rebbelian as an clone trooper comment stooky if I can comment epic if I can not thx bye

SuperFolder SubzeroHero76

I, Subzerohero76 will join as General Grievous.

SuperFolder moose1

Another way to take down I-ready would be to sign a petition. I found a few but ONLY SIGN IF YOU ARE OVER 13!!! Seriously, I was going to sign but then saw that you have to be 13 or up to sign. So I hope some of you SF’s are passed the age limit.
Ps. I folded the kawatata Yoda for the first time! I watched a video but it still counts.