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Origami Yoda

I have a new idea

SuperFolder Mandomaker

Now, I am preposing an entirely knew way of doing things, as an example, I am using origami26wolf’s “lightsabers” submission.

SuperFolder origami26wolf
if you could have a character in star wars light saber whos would it be

If you would have the curved hilt (such as dooku’s and ventriss’s) select STOOKY!

If you would have the skinny handle, wide blade emitter and round pummel (like obi wan’s) select

If you would have a thick grip, thin handle and slanted blade emitter (like anakin’s or vader’s) select waffle-tactic!

If you would have a double bladed lightsaber (like Exar Kun’s, Satile Shan’s or Darth Maul’s) select EPIC!

If you would have a council members lightsaber (such as yoda’s, Mace Windu’s, kit fisto’s or someone else’s) select instructions, please.

I am sorry origami26wolf for my tasteless steal of your submission, I hope that you will forgive me and when you see that I was just using this as an example for a system that we could use, and I WILL try to post something about your stookyness and how forgiving you are.

I hope that this can also widen the range of submissions that I and other super folders can enter.

Thank you all for staying with the site through these dark times.