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Yoooooooooooo do you remember me?
Probably not. I’m Stingray. I was active on this site a looooong time ago, but then… life happened. Basically, I got too busy for O.Y. and my YouTube channel.
But the Origami Yoda books and website had such a positive impact on my life. Origami (specifically Star Wars finger puppets) was the first art form I was really good at, and the O.Y. stories helped fifth-grade Stingray grow her imagination (and, eventually, give her an alarmingly accurate description of what to expect for middle school). Through this site, I ended up meeting the person who is one of my best friends in the multiverse (@fiercechaos on Scratch; they’re awesome!!). I’m eternally grateful to Tom for writing the books that guided me through COVID and middle school, and to the SuperFolders for being the awesome people that you are.
I didn’t take the time out of my day to log onto a site where I’d partially forgotten my password and wait three literal minutes (my internet is quite slow) for this page to load, did I?!? Well, yes, I sort of did, but there’s more I have to say.
Back when I was actively folding origami and making YouTube videos, I would use painters tape to attach the origami to my bedroom wall. Not exactly a sustainable strategy, as the tape started chipping the paint and the morning sun started to fade the origami (let’s just say that a couple Twi’leks have some awkward tan lines). As I was putting the origami in a box, I looked back at it and thought: Hey, this is some quality stuff.
Instead of letting that origami rot away, I’m going to post pictures of it – I know I posted some, but there was a lot that never got up here! So, keep a lookout for some of my old origami 🙂 You never know what might show up.
I don’t have any pictures to show right now, so instead enjoy a random drawing I did (I’ve been drawing a lot :P). This one was the back cover for a Cold War research paper I did at school.
Oh! Also! I forgot to tell you! I’m making a comic!! It’s called Existence through the Eyes of Leo Smith. I’m posting it on Scratch 🙂 Here’s the link to my profile, where you can find the two installments I’ve shared so far: https://scratch.mit.edu/users/Whirlygig/ (ugh, sorry if the link breaks. My username is @Whirlygig.)
I also have Pinterest, which is where I share most of my art. My username for that is @NotSoOrdinaryMortal
Okay, that’s all for now! Bye 🙂

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