Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Happy May the Fourth everyone

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hi guys, for this years may the fourth i have a special instrux for you all. this is the amazing…. YODA HAT! yes a hat that is yoda’s face! use a really big piece of paper and you can wear it! or you can make a small one for that teddy bear that you keep a secret from everyone ( its ok if u do have one i have one too but its not a bear its a yoda!) if u do fold this, post a picture and for the title put forceigami may the fourth challenge! have fun everyone and may the fourth be with you!

For the instrux go to this link:http://www.barf.cc/diagrams/Diagrams_2005/diagrams_2005.html

go all the way to the bottom and click the yoda hat!

Have fun with your may the fourth present!