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I can’t se my submissions for some reason. I couldn’t find me or my hand… Well, just getting that out of the way.

Goku… IN SPACE! Tein Shinhan, Yamcha, Choutzu…even Piccolo..? Yes. There dead… If only… We had dragon balls to wish Piccolo back to life. Wait, we do..! Siri, where are the closest dragon balls? …3 astronomical units?! Well, that’ll be just waffle tastic! Oh, and the strongest people in the universe collecting them already? Vegeta? Will this ever end! Oh, meet the Ginyu force

Ginyu – Strongest, and can swap body’s in a pinch!

Recoome – Thinks he’s the strongest… Shoots gigantic “eraser beams” from his mouth!

Burter – Fastest. Uses “Mach” editions of normal moves, Mach kicks, Mach punches. Pretty simple.

Jeice – Red skinned all-arouner with Australian accent

Guldo – Thinks he can stop time. Rather, he paralyses his enemy’s and uses mind binds!!!

This is what we’re up against… But Vegeta is pretty wild and dangerous. Enough to win, and Goku has had a insane power boost, enough to beat Recoome in 1 hit! But, it’ll take a second to get back from training. Eventually, Goku and Ginyu swap bodies. Goku gets his body back, but has to get back from the hospital. Oh, and “Lord friza” is finishing up Krillin! Goku’s never been so angry, as his hair turns a fiery gold…