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Origami Yoda

General greivouss and response to darth_spaceman

SuperFolder bigcheetohogger

I made a general greivous a while back so I decided to make another one, I also tried it again but with a crane base. Left to right is my first one which had multiple prototypes, but I couldn’t find any of the prototypes it also uses 3 pieces of paper and a lot of tape. In the middle is one of the ones I made recently which is made of 3 pieces of paper and the prototype above it is made of pink sticky notes and 2 pieces of paper. Lastly the one to the far right was the one made with a crane base it uses 2 pieces paper and 2 pieces of tape (not counting the taped on lightsabers)

Response to darth_spaceman: I don’t think I can join the council because I wouldn’t be able to communicate with the council or message them unless its on origamiyoda.com, but I’m sure other more active super folders can take kits place on the council.