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Foldy Wan Kenobi Instrux

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Sorry guys for not posting these instrux i promised about two or three years ago (I know right!?) and also for not posting anything since (I have failed Tom for the last time, Admiral). so here ya go. my foldy wan instrux. For this i had to literally go into a corner (cuz thats where the best light is, right?), stand up, zoom in on the dang thing so that I could get it absolutely perfect for you guys, so ya better be happy cuz i will not be doing it again. Also got a finger shot of my new foldy wan because the last one (no it did not die of dog digestion) died of his face being melted off.


went with the classic look for you guys. bit of a refresher cuz of all the high detail work people do (for your information, did not use to be that way). and also since it’s been so long, i also included how to DRAW (yay!) him! Enjoy.