Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Fellow SFs I come in peace and sometimes pieces as n Kirigami

SuperFolder Mandomaker

I have seen others make a sort of introduction and I like the idea of all of us making something like that.

I consider myself to be a hard core Star Wars fan, I am dedicated to someday making games or movies, that or writing books, though recently I have discovered that I am better at short stories.
I have three sisters, and do you know how hard that is? The movie Frozen just came out! Everywhere “let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back any more…” I mean, I like the movie but you understand how that can get annoying twenty four seven…

But my sisters aren’t all bad, (actually they are not unbearably bad, just the annoying stuff kinda stands out right?) we have a role playing game that I created. I have dubbed it Raucous & Rancors, I have made each of them origami puppets of there characters.

I am home schooled and my latest project has been stock trading and walking away with a profit, but in my spare time I like to; play outside with my friends, read and listen to an audio book while having a snack (I multitask), write, draw, hang out at this site, fold origami, and after the day is done I will sometimes watch Doctor Who, Star Wars the clone wars or Star Trek.

I hope that by the time this gets posted the comments will be back on. in the meantime, MAY THE FOLDS BE WITH YOU!!!