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Origami Yoda

EZ General Grievous instrux NO CUTTING

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One of the hardest origami Star Wars characters to make is General Grievous, with his four arms. Most people (including myself) use kirigami, a form of origami but with cutting.

I’ve noticed that Grievous usually keeps his arms under his cloak, and two of his arms only fold out from his original two arms when he duels.

So I thought it should be easy to make Grievous without worrying about his hands. I experimented around a bit and discovered that with only three steps I can modify the 10-fold Darth Paper from D.Paper Strikes Back. If anyone else came up with this before, I didn’t look at any pictures of any origami besides my own, and didn’t look on this website at all for him, so I didn’t copy anyone that might have come up with this.

Sorry if the instructions are hard to read, but here you go, an EZ NON-kirigami General Grievous!