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Origami Yoda

Episode VII-Destruction of the Jedi

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The end of Mega Time!!!
by Tommy

So after we had the talk with Principal Harriet Mega Time vanished! We are so happy!!!! In fact, to celebrate Murky made a new word thats like STOOKY FIZZ-POP WAFFLES WITH PLASTIC DINOSAURS TOTAL ROCKETS BOLT in one word: nacos! (NOT tacos or nachos!) So this event = nacos x 1,000,000,000!

Harvey’s comment: I agree!!!
My comment: Me too Harvey!

bom bom bom bom ba bom bom ba bom! (a.k.a. nononononononononononono x pikpok!!!!!!)
by murky

so now everythings good right no its not cuz i heard rumors that dwights dad is coming back so they have to move cuz their house is too small and there moving to california! pikpok pete!!!!!!!!!!!!! dwight is so sad even though he dosent show it and so hes not telling us his new address i tried asking origami yoda but he says talk too sad topic and its so annoying and we may never see dwight again!!!!!!!! TOTALLY UNSTOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harvey’s comment: Wow… talk about a party pooper!
My comment: WHAT?!!! Dwight leaving? Wug!

The (former) Principal is sad!
by Kellen and Tommy

I still have the recorder thingy and uh… well I recorded this thing I recorded and um… it’s a little sad but anyway I hope you like it cuz uh… well, I didn’t. (P.S. Tommy can you edit out the uhs + ums for me? Thanks!!!)
Kellen (Me): Hi Ms.Rabbiski!
Ms.Rabbiski: (sigh)I’m so sad…
Me: Why?!
Ms.Rabbiski: Because Dwight is moving away. He always was so creative, I just wish I noticed sooner.
Me: Oh… I’m pretty sad too now that I saw what Murky wrote.
Ms.Rabbiski:Oh well, at least Dwight will see his dad again.
Me: Yea, we have to start thinking positive about things.
Tommy: Hi Ms.Rabbiski! (By now kids were coming in for 7th period Math)

Harvey’s comment: I never knew Ms.Rabbiski could be sad! Angry, disappointed, but not sad!
My comment: Me too! this day went from nacos x 1,000,000,000 to pikpok x 1,000,000,000!

The End (For Real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
by Sara

Well, Dwight has moved now and we will never see him again so everything has gone to the way it was before Origami Yoda and we miss him a lot!!!
In fact, because of him Ms.Rabbiski has started taking origami lessons AND Mr.Howell hasn’t howled for a whole school year! All of our puppets have gone missing too and a Force Ghost replica are in their place, and everything is the same except they are white-blue Force Ghosts!

Harvey’s comment:My Darth PaperAnakin did the same thing!
Tommy’s comment:So did Foldy-Wan Kenobi! I think this is the end! So, bye guys. Forever.